Perhaps you’ve got a major goal to accomplish, but something keeps getting in your way. Or maybe you want to be a better parent or partner and just need some insight and clarity. You could even be struggling with overwhelming PTSD, grief, depression or anxiety. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, know that you don’t have to struggle alone. Get experienced guidance on the path to self-empowerment with the right form of support below.


Professional certified coaching holds profound benefits for individuals seeking a greater sense of purpose, fulfillment and success in any area of life. Session by session, we’ll incorporate habits and strategies that help you achieve your goals, expand your self-awareness, optimize your internal dialogue and elevate your style of communication—so you can move forward in an empowering way.


Individual psychotherapy is an immensely helpful resource for individuals struggling with ongoing or acute mental-health issues, such as grief, trauma and clinical anxiety and depression. As a licensed psychotherapist proficient in several modalities (cognitive behavioral, somatic, polyvagal, etc.), I can pinpoint the root causes of your distress and then establish appropriate coping strategies, so you can start to live the full and functional life you deserve.


Relationships are like ecosystems; every part needs to stay balanced if you want your love to live and grow. Drawing upon over 15 years of experience, I work with couples to quickly identify the problem and steadily rebuild security, trust and love.