The Credentials Behind The Method

Like all worthwhile endeavors in life, the path to becoming a psychotherapist and certified coach was long, challenging and incredibly rewarding. Below you’ll find an overview of the rigorous training, certifications and experiences that have shaped me into the effective practitioner I am today. 

Specialized Training And Instruction

After graduating from Duke University, I earned my master’s in social work from New York University and then received my license in clinical social work in New York and California. At the esteemed Ackerman Institute, I underwent eight years of specialized training in family and couple therapy, and then went on to finish a two-year postgraduate program at Fielding University, where I earned my certification in professional coaching. I have completed the National Institute for Psychotherapies psychoanalytic year-long training. And at the Gottman Institute, I completed three levels of training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy. I also completed two levels of training in Trauma Resiliency Model—a mind-body approach for treating trauma in children and adults—at the Trauma Institute, and received specialized instruction in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy under Marsha Linehan, PhD, ABPP.

Professional Experience

I’m deeply grateful for the many fulfilling experiences I’ve had throughout my career.  A major highlight was my time at Four Winds Hospital, where I worked with a team of psychiatrists, nurses, and other mental health professionals to develop and implement the most effective inpatient treatment plan for a group of latency-age children residing there. Another significant moment was providing group therapy for individuals directly impacted by the 9/11 attacks. 


Inspired by the remarkable women I met while researching Fortytude, I launched a discussion series called Wise Women of LA, where women of diverse backgrounds met and supported one another in achieving major professional and personal goals. I also created Shared Secrets, a podcast amplifying the healing power of shared vulnerability.

Volunteer Work

My volunteer work has brought me to many amazing countries, including Rwanda, Bosnia and Haiti. These experiences were invaluable to my professional development, lifting me out of my comfort zone, expanding my worldview, and putting my skills to the test. I currently serve as a volunteer therapist for Homeboy Industries, which provides hope, training and support to formerly gang-involved and incarcerated men and women.