Season 2   |   Episode 24   |   June 07, 2017

The Secret to Raising Strong, Confident Daughters with Tom Brokaw

With Father’s Day around the corner, I wanted to hear from a man who had raised strong daughters who could share the secret to helping girls develop into confident women. Who better to turn to than my own father, Tom Brokaw, who raised three confident daughters, and who graciously agreed to be on the receiving end of an interview for this episode of the podcast?

In the episode, my dad shares his approach to fatherhood and tells me the skill that served him best as a parent. He talks about the most important quality a confident woman can possess and explains how he worked to instill that quality in the three of us. He confesses the parenting moments that proved a struggle for him, and our moments of boldness and strength that made him most proud. And he leaves fathers with a few pieces of advice on the most important skill every father should have in his repertoire.