Season 2   |   Episode 16   |   February 08, 2017

The Secret to Finding Lasting Love with Jeanne Safer

When you’re not in a romantic relationship on Valentine’s Day, it can feel like everyone around you is receiving red roses and chocolate while enjoying a Champagne toast. Meanwhile, you’re home alone, surreptitiously checking your ex’s Facebook page and wondering what you’ve done to deserve such a fate.

The brilliant psychotherapist Dr. Jeanne Safer, Ph.D. joins me in this episode of Shared Secrets to discuss the shame that can accompany being single, both on Valentine’s Day and throughout the year. Safer’s new book, The Golden Condom, delves into love in all its forms.

In this episode, Jeanne and I talk about how painful it is to feel unworthy of love; the feeling of humiliation that accompanies not being loved the way we need to be; and the peace that can come after letting go of an unrequited love.