Season 3   |   Episode 34   |   February 07, 2018

The Secret to Not Being a Sexual Harasser with Michele Promaulayko

Longtime listeners of this podcast know I'm not one to shy away from difficult or sensitive issues. Still, I thought long and hard before deciding to delve into the topic of this episode of Shared Secrets, because I know how emotionally fraught it is for so many people. I'm grateful to Michele Promaulayko, editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, for joining me to discuss the incidents of sexual harassment and sexual assault that seem to be making new headlines on a daily basis.

In the episode, Michele talks about her powerful letter to readers in the magazine's February issue, which focuses on sexual harassment and assault. We discuss the subtle ways in which men can unknowingly harm women through “soft sexism.” And Michele explains how she believes we can improve the way we're talking about the problem.