Season 3   |   Episode 26   |   October 04, 2017

The Secret to Finding Your Inner Voice with Jill Dodd

Supermodel Jill Dodd had a secret, and she knew she wanted to share it. It took a few decades, but she recently brought her past to light by releasing her memoir, The Currency of Love: A Courageous Journey to Finding the Love Within. She joins me in this episode to discuss that secret, and to talk about the ramifications of staying silent for so long.

In the episode, Jill shares that while she was living a supposedly glamorous life as a model in Paris, her personal life was complex, to say the least. She explains how fear, family and beliefs about the worth of her body influenced her decisions, and shares how she transitioned from a life spent fearing judgment to one of listening to her inner voice. And she tells me about her hopes for helping others find their inner voices, too.