#SharedSecrets: Episode 8

What’s Really In Your Bag? With Annabeth Gish


We’ve all seen those “what’s in your bag” features in glossy women’s magazines. You know—the ones in which celebrities share the items that are supposedly the mainstays of their handbags, from their favorite shade of designer lip gloss to their go-to brand of coconut water. To me, those features seem like one more way in which public figures portray themselves as totally perfect—and totally unrealistic—“brands” rather than living, breathing humans.

Actress Annabeth Gish, my guest in this week’s episode of Shared Secrets, agreed to share what’s really in her bag, both literally and figuratively. And boy, are you ever going to love what’s inside (ever hear a celebrity admit to carrying a shredded tampon in her makeup bag?).

In addition to sharing the contents of her actual purse—which she describes as “controlled chaos” resembling a bowling-ball bag—Annabeth and I will talk about the way celebrities’ brands are often light years away from reality. We’ll chat about how carefully cultivated images on social media can be destructive, and about what we can do to create a shift toward authenticity.

More about Annabeth: Annabeth Gish’s acting résumé is long and varied. Her first starring role was in the 1986 teen film “Desert Bloom.” She also played Kat, the sister of Julia Roberts' character in 1988's “Mystic Pizza.” She got her first major TV film role in “When He's Not a Stranger” in 1989. Annabeth also had a major part in the 1989 comedy, “Shag.” In 1997, Annabeth received her first starring role in a movie, portraying Susan Sparks opposite Shaquille O'Neal in the movie adaptation of DC Comics superhero “Steel.” In 2001, Annabeth joined the cast of “The X-Files.” In 2003, she guest-starred on “The West Wing” playing Elizabeth Bartlet Westin. More recently, Annabeth co-starred with Kate Bosworth, Thomas Jane and Dash Mihok in the 2015 thriller film “Before I Wake.”