#SharedSecrets: Episode 7

Sharing a Secret About Hearing Loss with Amy Drucker


I’ve always been in awe of Amy Drucker. From first meeting her as grade-school kids, when she struck me as petite, beautiful and pulled together, to reconnecting on Facebook as adults, when she impressed me with her gorgeous photography, I’ve always felt a connection to her.

Most recently, Amy, a professional photographer in New York, wowed me with her bravery in sharing a very personal secret. It’s a secret that carries embarrassment and shame, and one I unfortunately know about firsthand: experiencing hearing loss as a young woman. She “outed herself” in a thoughtful, well-written Facebook post after a particularly frustrating day. In this week’s episode of Shared Secrets, Amy discusses the hesitation she felt before sharing her secret, and the surprising range of reactions she received after the big reveal. We also discuss the stigma associated with hearing loss, and the ways we can fight that stigma going forward.

More about Amy: Amy Drucker is a photographer specializing in images of children. Amy works year round on-location and in the studio in Westchester County New York. She’s also writing a book about documentary photography, scheduled to be published this summer.