#SharedSecrets: Episode 3

The Secret to Effortless Perfection with Mallika Chopra


In this week’s episode of Shared Secrets, I’ll talk about the concept of “effortless perfection,” and will share the secret to achieving it. Here to help me delve into the topic is Mallika Chopra, a mother, media entrepreneur and published author.

Mallika, daughter of Deepak Chopra, has practiced transcendental meditation since the age of nine, and has revealed her own secrets in her latest book, Living with Intent: My Somewhat Messy Journey to Purpose, Peace and Joy. To say that the book hit home for me is a huge understatement. I’ve recently found myself quoting Mallika’s words to my friends, many of whom are still seeking that elusive ideal of effortless perfection.

In the podcast, I’ll talk about how my experiences as a freshman at a prestigious school where all the female students seemed to do everything perfectly, without any effort, have shaped my own beliefs about perfection. Mallika shares how her own experiences have led her to believe that acceptance, not perfection, is the goal to strive for. She confesses her own insecurities, too—you won’t believe the thoughts that went through her head when she was teaching a recent meditation class!

Join me and Mallika as we chat about what we’re seeking when we strive for effortless perfection—and discuss whether we should ditch that idea entirely.

More about Mallika Chopra: Chopra is the founder of Intent.com, a website focused on personal, social and global wellness. Her books, 100 Promises To My Baby and 100 Questions From My Child, have been translated and sold in dozens of countries worldwide. Her varied background includes launching the Heal The World Foundation with Michael Jackson in the 1990s and being part of the initial team to relaunch MTV in India. She also served as a health ambassador for the Pepsi Refresh Everything Project in the US–an initiative that gave millions of dollars to individuals, nonprofits and companies for projects in their communities. Chopra is also the founder of The Chopra Well, a premiere YouTube channel she launched with her brother, Gotham Chopra, and father, Deepak Chopra. Chopra has spoken at events including TEDxBerkeley, Ideacity, Business Innovation Factory, the Green Festival, LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability), the California Women's Conference and the Prevention R3 Conference.