#SharedSecrets: Episode 22

The Secret to Real Intimacy with Alex Allman


Seriously—who doesn’t want to talk about sex? It’s safe to say that most Americans are obsessed with the topic, and advertisers use sex to sell everything from gym memberships to toothpaste. It’s also safe to say that there are fewer topics that provoke more shame and insecurity. Alex Allman, my guest in today’s episode, is here to help us unpack that shame and secrecy so we can enjoy better, more intimate connections.

In the episode, Alex confesses that his path to becoming a confident, handsome man who advises others on how to be better in bed was somewhat rocky. He shares how he chose to redefine masculinity for himself, and discusses why it’s important for us each to create our own definitions of gender roles.

And of course, no conversation with a sex and intimacy expert would be complete without diving into the “good stuff,” including oral sex, penis size and fake orgasms. Alex also shares what men and women are really thinking about in bed.

More about Alex: Alex Allman is a sex coach, writer and educator who has written numerous books on topics related to sex, including The Passion and Attraction that Lasts. His programs have helped tens of thousands of couples in more than 50 countries, and his YouTube channel has been viewed more 17 million times. He is also a public speaker who was a presenter at the TEDx Sin City conference in Las Vegas.