#SharedSecrets: Episode 19

The Secret to Finding Our Humanity with Natalie Egan


We’ve all experienced isolation in our lives, but I’m willing to bet that my guest in this episode of Shared Secrets has experienced it more intensely than most. Natalie Egan spent the majority of her life as a man named Nathan, and says her true identity was repressed so deeply, even she was shocked when it emerged.

In the episode, Natalie shares her journey from a young boy with a sense that “something was wrong with me” to an elegant, confident woman in transition. She also shares the heartbreaking discrimination she experienced after emerging from the “bubble of white male privilege” she spent most of her life living in.

Perhaps most importantly, Natalie describes the various ways the discrimination she experienced has inspired her to foster change, connection and authenticity in the world.

You won’t believe the tool behind the training she has developed to help people learn empathy and humanity in companies and other organizations. Natalie also tells me her super-inspiring answer to the question: How do you want to be remembered?

More about Natalie:
Natalie Egan is founder and CEO of Translator, an enterprise software company that uses virtual reality and other technologies to help people learn and develop empathy and other soft skills in schools, businesses, and other organizations. Prior to Translator, she was the founder and CEO of PeopleLinx, a venture-capital-backed software business that helped large organizations empower their employees to use social media. Natalie earned her bachelor’s degree from The School of Hotel Administration at Cornell University and her master’s from Villanova School of Business. She founded Translator after coming out as a transgender woman and experiencing discrimination and bias for the first time in her life.