#SharedSecrets: Episode 14

When Sharing A Secret Changes Your Life With Dr. Rodney Collins


For most of his life, Dr. Rodney Collins lived a lie. In retrospect, he says he likely knew by age 5 or 6 that he was gay. But he didn’t confess his sexuality to his friends, family and his then-fiancee (a woman) until a life-changing medical diagnosis at age 27 forced his hand. He was a young physician in a residency program with the U.S. Army, and describes the weeks that followed as “the darkest days of my life.” 

Dr. Collins joins me in this week’s episode to discuss what came next. It’s an amazing tale of redemption in which he got into a recovery program for drug and alcohol abuse; changed his career path; and learned that truth and authenticity have the power to change our lives. 

In the episode, we’ll also talk about the danger of drowning our feelings in an addiction of any kind; how the road to authenticity can be painful but worthwhile; and the joy of living life as “an open book.”

More about Rodney:
Dr. Rodney Collins is currently the resident psychiatrist at New Visions Psychiatric Group, part of the MRH Medical Group in Beverly Hills. He also practices at the AltaMed Healthcare Corporation. He has previously practiced at Kaiser Permanente, The Exodus Medical group and The Hillview Mental Health Center.

Dr. Collins started his career in the United States Army as a General Medical Officer from July 1984 to August 1988. After receiving an honorable discharge from the U.S. Army, he practiced general and emergency medicine for eight years prior to residency training in Psychiatry at UCLA/Sepulveda-V.A. Medical Center.

Dr. Collins attended Stanford University, where he graduated in 1979. He received his medical degree from Howard University-College of Medicine in Washington, D.C.