#SharedSecrets: Episode 11

The Secret to Finding the “Gift of Desperation”


My friend Bart is smart, charismatic, erudite and well-educated. He’s also a former methamphetamine addict and recovering alcoholic who says he didn’t surrender to a to a 12-step program until he discovered “the gift of desperation.” He joins me in this week’s episode of Shared Secrets to discuss addiction, recovery and redemption.

Bart began drinking regularly with peers around age 11 or 12. He was in his late 30s before he finally admitted he was an alcoholic. By that point, his business had failed, he’d been kicked out of his apartment and he’d survived an accident so harrowing, it gave me the chills to hear him describe it.

In the episode, we discuss the “monkey mind,” the root causes of addiction and the power of rationalization. We also talk about misconceptions about methamphetamine addiction—you won’t believe some of the famous political figures Bart says were meth addicts!

More about Bart: Because Bart is currently in Alcoholics Anonymous, he is respecting the code of anonymity. Therefore, his last name will not be revealed.