#SharedSecrets: Episode 10

The Secret to Survivorship with Autumn Burris


Sexual exploitation comes from vulnerability, not from choice. In this special extended episode, my guest, Autumn Burris, shares the story of how she learned that lesson first-hand. A former exploited woman who is now a smart, motivated advocate for victims of sexual exploitation, Autumn is one of the best examples of grace I know of.

In the episode, Autumn bravely shares her whole story, which begins with a difficult childhood that includes mental illness in the family. She discusses how one form of violence leads to another, and how she deemed herself worthless after years of violence and mistreatment. She also shares the subtle ways we can unknowingly groom our children for a life of sexual exploitation in the ways we talk about money, body image and other topics. 

Join us to hear more about Autumn’s story of strength and redemption, which has truly inspired me on my own path to a life of greater authenticity and awareness.

More about Autumn: Autumn Burris is the founder and director of Survivors for Solutions, which helps sexually exploited women via direct client services, advocacy, community education and outreach, public policy advocacy, and consultation services to non-profit organizations and various institutions. A former prostitute and drug addict, Autumn is a survivor, an advocate and a mother to a teenager boy.