#SharedSecrets: Episode 1



Welcome to Shared Secrets, the weekly podcast series where I’ll explore the topics of authenticity, vulnerability and courage by interviewing a variety of inspiring women on a wide range of subjects. In each episode, I’ll chat with a guest whose journey toward a more purpose-filled life has inspired and enlightened me, and who is willing to share her secrets in order to guide others along their paths.

In this inaugural episode, I’ll talk about the lessons I’ve learned during 15 years as a psychotherapist in private practice, and about how feelings of shame and envy are common denominators for my clients. I will describe why the "transparency" touted by reality television shows and on social media is a farce, and how my guests and I will strive for a more authentic sense of openness.  Finally, I’ll share what I believe is the antidote to shame and envy—and how I’ll attempt to bring you a dose of that antidote on Shared Secrets each week.